Our Big Energy Saver rules

Where many systems are supplied by batteries, the use of batteries is quite often also introducing a burden: they never last long enough, their capacity is temperature dependent and thus unreliable, battery replacement and battery maintenance are increasing the cost of operation, battery disposal is not at all environmental friendly.
New emerging developments in energy harvesting make it possible to eliminate batteries completely and enable self-powered systems.
Anagear’s products reduce the average power consumption, thus resulting in your system batteries last longer or replacing them with energy harvesting!

Many signal monitor applications do not require the system to be alert all the time. These types of systems remain in sleep mode for most of the time. The average system power consumption is therefore a function of the power consumption in the active mode, the sleep current and the duty cycle of the operation. Our products improve all three aspects, resulting in a much lower average system current and therefore in smaller size batteries or even enabling using alternative energy sources such as (indoor) solar cells.

Convince yourself
The ANG1010-kit is available to help you evaluate how our products can save energy in your application.
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