Power Management Controller for battery operated, low power systems.

Many real-time measurement and control devices only need to perform a function on regular time intervals. When such devices are supplied by batteries, they often operate in an active/sleep operation in order to lower the average power consumption and extend the battery life.
The ANG1014 smart power management controller has been designed for such kind of devices and will minimize the average power consumption by:
- Controlling the systems’ active/sleep duty cycle and switching off the power to other components in the system when they are not needed resulting in a sleep current of less than 600nA.
- Minimizing the active current that is taken by the other components through accurate scaling of the supply voltages for these components.

The integrated functionality of the ANG1014 significantly extends the battery life and the interval time beween subsequent battery replacements, thus reducing the overall systems’ maintenance cost and increasing the systems’ availability and reliability. Alternatively, reducing the average power consumption enables the use of physically smaller and lighter batteries, thus increasing the ergonomics of the device and the user convenience.

More information can be found in the ANG1014 Product Brief or by requesting the ANG1014 datasheet here.