Flexible Power Management and Supervisory Controller for ultra-low power systems.

The ANG1012 has been designed to prolong the battery life in measurement and detection devices that do not need to be active all the time. The ANG1012 controls the duty cycle of a system and reduces the average power consumption by switching off the power to the other system components in sleep mode. While the system remains in a sleep mode, the ANG1012 periodically monitors critical system voltages, remaining energy levels and the ambient temperature, using the on-chip 12-bit ADC. The system is only woken up if a monitored signal is outside a window defined by programmable upper and lower limits.

Integrating a high precision timing source, smart duty-cycle operation, ultra-low power deep sleep mode, efficient and dynamically programmable voltage conversion for two independent power domains and a intelligent monitoring function, the ANG1012 offers and energy-optimized solution for ultra-low power devices.

An ultra-low power deep sleep mode supports very long periods of inactivity, e.g. to keep already pre-installed batteries "fresh" during the shelf-life of the system

More information can be found in the ANG1012 Product Brief or by requesting the full datasheet here.