Flexible Power Management and Supervisory IC for Battery and Photovoltaic supplied ultra-low power systems.

The ANG1010 is a highly integrated PMIC subsystem with programmable timing for autonomous duty cycle control. Programmable voltage converters enable a very accurate and efficient output voltage scaling in two independent power domains.  The integrated functionality of the ANG1010 significantly reduces the silicon real estate of the system and offers a cost-effective, configurable, single-chip solution for ultra-low power systems.

The ANG1010 combines a primary battery input, a boost converter with maximum power point tracking for a micro-power indoor solar panel, efficient energy storage management with automatic power path management, configurable brown-out prevention and autonomous cold-start with multiple sleep modes. Providing continuous monitoring of system critical voltages using a 12-bit ADC and window comparators, the ANG1010 squeezes the maximum out of the available energy and enables autonomous operation of ultra-low power devices.

More information can be found in the ANG1010 Product Brief or by requesting the full datasheet here.