Flexible power management and supervisory controller for extremely efficient battery-powered systems.

In stand-alone operating wireless sensor network the battery lifetime is a key item for an increasingly connected world and for the success of the Internet of Things. The ANG1002 Extreme is a highly integrated Power Management IC (PMIC) that has been designed to significantly reduce the average power consumption of a wireless sensor node, thus extending the battery life and enabling true “install-and-forget” solutions.

Based on its very accurate, integrated real time clock, the ANG1002 Extreme controls the Active/Sleep duty cycle of the sensor node. In Sleep mode the PMIC switches off all external component and reduces the total sleep current to the standby current of the ANG1002 (just under 300nA).

The power consumption of the node in the Active mode is further reduced through highly efficient voltage conversion and programmable voltage scaling for both output voltage domains.

Moreover, through its integrated 12-bit ADC the ANG1002 Extreme can autonomously monitor system critical voltages and the ambient temperature while the node remains asleep. Only when a monitored signal exceeds its individually programmed upper and lower limits, the node is woken up.

The ultra-low power deep-sleep mode supports longer periods of inactivity, e.g. to keep batteries ‘fresh’ before sale.

More information can be found in the ANG1002 Extreme Product Brief or by requesting the full datasheet here.