About Anagear

Established in 2009, Anagear is a privately held, mixed-signal semiconductor company offering innovative, fully integrated solutions for electronic systems where ultra-low power consumption is mandatory.

From its company headquarters in The Netherlands, Anagear develops, and markets smart power management components that significantly extend the battery lifetime of (portable) electronic equipment. In combination with built-in, optimized energy harvesting capabilities and efficient energy storage management Anagear’s products also enable clean-tech and environmental friendly applications powered by alternative energy sources. Because Anagear’s products are user-configurable they fit a wide variety of different applications that include building automation, security, wireless sensor nodes, industrial, automated metering, portable health care and self-powered equipment.

The company with its dedicated engineering team, collectively representing decades of experience in mixed-signal IC design, is focused to bring value to Anagear’s customer products through the design of best-in-class IC solutions.